Wans to go to Japan

National player Wan Zaharulnizam Zakaria (pic) and Wan Zack Haikal Wan Noor are set to leave for Japan tomorrow as they have both landed a deal with Okinawa-based Japan Football League outift FC Ryukyu.

Wan Zaharulnizam, or better known as Kecik, caught the attention of talent agency Japan Dream FA during the Olympic qualifying match between Japan and Malaysia at the Tosu Stadium in Japan last year - as per my article in The Malay Mail on March 12.

Japan’s football structure places the J-League as the highest division followed by the J-League Division 2 and the Japan Football League.

The duo join the many more footballers who have and are currently plying their trade abroad.

HD says: All the best to both Wans.


  1. HD,
    can you comment on FAM to give super league trophy to kelantan in KL rather than at Kota bharu during last game vs sarawak

  2. All the best! Glad to see Malaysian footballers willing to face challenges!

  3. Congrats to Kim Swee's boys again!

    Pak Nik

  4. Syabas to both talented young tigers...hope both of them can make Malaysian proud ....all the best...


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