Sports school in shambles

I received a tip-off recently regarding the poor conditions at the Tunku Mahkota Ismail Sports School in Bandar Penawar, Johor.

I felt it was only right to visit the school which was formerly known as the Bandar Penawar Sports School. Accompanying me was Astro Awani's sports editor Fadzrie Hazis.

The tip-off turned out to be true. This was my observation;

1. Hockey turf (pic 1)
- There is only hockey turf in the school which is shared by both the boys and girls teams. The turf is in bad shape as evident in the picture and the condition started becoming worse since last year.
Despite such shortcomings, the lads won the Malaysian Junior Hockey League this year.

2. Pole vault (pic 2)
- it is damaged and judging by the looks of it, it has been left to rot for sometime. When asked, a worker said it has been not used for "almost four years".

3. Lawn bowls pitch (pic 3)
-  They have lawn bowlers but no coach and no proper pitch as the one at the school is in bad condition. It was later learnt the school athletes train at the Johor Baru Sports Complex, an hour's drive away.

4. Squash courts (pic 4)
- The school has three squash courts but all three are not in working order. The bottom wooden panel of the first squash court from the entrance is rotting. There is a table tennis table in another squash court. Apparently there are no more squash players in the school due to the unavailability of coaches.
Among the other observations include;
- Lack of security. Strangers are able to waltz in and out of the school compound with ease. This could put the school children at risk.

- Football field is not in a good condition.

- There is a big 'Makmal Analisis Pergerakan' which apparently has not been fully utilised since it was built.

- Lack of ventilation at the multipurpose hall that houses one netball court, one volleyball court and  two sepak takraw courts. Lights were not functioning properly as well.

- An 8-lane bowling alley that cannot be used as the machine that sets the pins at the end of the lane has not been in working order for sometime. The lanes were last resurfaced in 2004 (as per a company stamp on the lanes).

A sports school is supposed to be a factory to churn the national heroes of the future. However, one cannot expect to mold champions in such conditions.

Hopefully when Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and his officials visit Johor on Saturday they will be made aware of the situations and come to the aid of the student athletes in Bandar Penawar.

Having re-branded the name of the school to that of the Johor prince - an avid sportsman himself - it is only fitting that our future champions be accorded 'royal' treatment in the form of world class equipment.

HD says: Instead of building more sports school, let's maintain the existing ones first.


  1. Haresh, let it also be known that this sport school is also churning out athletes who are smokers and apparently they picked up the bad habit from seniors. A vicious cycle that has been going on for years.

  2. HD,
    The reason why FAM can not give the trophy during the last match kelantan vs sarawak due to all the FAM officers is busy with SUKMA games at pahang????...What are joke from HAMIDIN......

  3. HD,
    New info...finally FAM will give the trophy and medal during kelantan last match at SSMV....That the professional act....

  4. yet another sports school coming and what will happen to bandar penawar sports school...what happen to high peformance sports and state sports school programme under KPM?...hurmm

  5. Duit banyak banyak dok buat apa pun tak tau la. malu la kalau buat program 1murid 1sukan tapi keadaan sekolah sukan macam ni...

  6. Well written. so is 1 murid 1 sukan a good thing ?

  7. Last Tue, they had the senam robik for 1 hour under 1M1S thingy and they make all the schools participate to create a Guinness record. What a load of bull! 1M1S is a total failure because the MOE simply don't have the expertise & manpower to execute. Many moons ago, when I was in school, we had 1M Semua Sukan because we were playing so many sports, simply because we had teachers who are well versed in sports, passionate about sports and cared about sports. SSTMI & SSBJ are not fulfilling the objectives due to bureaucrasy and little napoleans like the principal of SSBJ with the recent case of the 2 junior badminton players. SSTMI & SSBJ should be under the administration of KBS, period. If RMC can be placed under the control & jurisdiction of Ministry of Defence, why can't the same be done for national sports school which should be the factory for future national athletes. There should be better accountability, otherwise it will not achieve its full potential as witnessed presently.
    My 2 cents worth...

    1. setuju sport school should be under kbs or msn moe hanya supply teacher for academic purposed only. satu solah kalau nazmi faiz dan jadi professional footballer dan sign kontrak jutaan ringgit apa perlu ada sjil SPM


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