Fishing for votes - an invasion of privacy?

The General Election is around the corner.

And it looks like political figures are desperately fishing for votes to a certain extent that it is turning into a scary affair.

Within a span of 30 minutes, an acquaintance, received two of such SMS-es from an unknown number.

One read;

"Why so secretive & giving flip flop answer when asking about RM300m? Faekah must be responsible. She is only political secretary, not an EXCO member."

The other - which certainly raised eyebrows - stated;
"Sdra/i XXXXXXX SLAMAT HARI LAHIR.HAPPY B'DAY.drp YB Dato' Sri Ir.MohdZinMohamed. Coordinator BN Selangor"

Presumably, these individuals have obtained such information including one's date of birth and phone number from telecommunications company.

The person who obtained this message has never worked with the government service or was ever involved and / or had any dealings with any political parties.

Isn't this an invasion of privacy?

HD says: Hmm.....


  1. Telephone numbers? I don't know, maybe friendly-friendly with telcos employers can get what, like what we get on our mobile daily. Mykad numbers easy mah... just go to SPR senarai pengundi. Mau no baru ka no lama?

  2. Manyampah dapat SMS dari ahli politik. Nampak sangat
    pancing undi, tak ikhlas.

  3. nie pun ada cita politik gak...


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