Why didn't we protest?

FAM tidak bantah, bukti lemah.

That was the headline of an article on ESPN's website as seen here.

The article quoted the FA of Malaysia (FAM) secretary general Azzuddin Ahmad as saying;

"Pada 5 Julai, semalam, AFC telah memaklumkan kepada FAM bahawa mereka telah menerima surat bantahan awal di Yangon dan telah memberi garis panduan kepada kami tentang apa yang selanjutkan patut dilakukan."

FAM telah membuat siasatan secara terperinci dan kami terima data-data dari banyak sumber termasuk dari AFC.

FAM juga berhati-hati agar perkara ini tidak memberi implikasi yang tidak baik kepada imej dan hubungan Malaysia dengan negara ASEAN."

And the statement below appeared on the Asian Football Confederation's (AFC) website;

However, the FAM has not complied with the relevant procedural requirements in accordance with Article 58 (b) of the competition regulations (http://www.the-afc.com/en/resources/regulations-a-guidelines/competition-regulations/2013/333-afc-u-22-championship-2013-qualifiers) in submitting their protest. 

Here's an analogy of the situation judging by the statements made by FAM and AFC.

Your (FAM) house is robbed. You call the police (AFC) and they say they cannot fully act unless you lodge a report at the police station. You went around the house finding for clues but you can't find any. So you don't lodge a report as you believe you couldn't find any indication who might have robbed you and don't want to tarnish your image. 

Question is, isn't it your duty to lodge a report and for the police (an in AFC) to investigate the matter?

Unless, you don't want to lodge a report because you know something that your neighbours don't or you have an interest of not wanting the police (as in AFC) to investigate? Perhaps I am wrong.

Analogy aside, I hate to say this but didn't my writings - just a journalist armed with a pen, paper and good internet connection - exposed about Monomotapa United masquerading as the Zimbabwe national team when they were in Malaysia in 2009? Well, Zimbabwe FA took action and led to the arrest of a former high ranking official as seen here.

Meanwhile,the Olympic Council of Malaysia board members voted (9 to 3) and decided diver Pandelela Rinong will be the flag bearer instead of national shuttler Lee Chong Wei.

Also, KL players only obtained one month of the salary instead of the three months as promised. Didn't KLFA president Astaman Abdul Aziz promised to pay settle all dues by the end of June as seen here? So how will Astaman lift KL to glory if the players are not paid?

More importantly, what happened to the money from the deal between Maxim Profile and KLFA? 

Will the players play tonight as a boycott is brewing at the training ground?

HD says: Sigh!


  1. Rombak entire FAM!! To preserve tha Asean spirit and their image,they would hesitate to lose our nation's pride and dignity rather than put the Burmese into big shame. This news is really devastating blow towards loyal fans whom had given their all out support towards our u22 national team.How can they trust this shit governing body anymore?

  2. Sebab FAM bodoh!!! Bro tolong siasat lebih dalam, tiada bukti atau FAM dah terlepas dateline untuk protes? Mungkin link ini boleh membantu FAM kalau dia tak bodoh sombong



  3. Melenting bukan main cepat bila kalah. Cermin sendiri dulu. Pasukan kita main dengan hambar. Gi training kat Eropah, persiapan bukan main rapi! Banding ngan Myanmar yang tidak sekaya superti kita, hanya dpt ke Korea dan itu pun main dgn pasukan universiti sana.
    Soal pangkalnya ialah 'we are not good enough' saja! FAM tanya diri sendiri dulu sebelum nak cari alasan!
    Negara lain yang maju dalam bola sepak tidak menaruh sebegitu banyak pelaburan kepada pasukan peringkat umur seperti Negara kita. Salah satu sebab mengapa ramai atlet kita pencen sebelum sampai ke kemuncak karier mereka sebab terlalu awal mereka dinaikkan pangkat ke peringkat kebangsaan senior.

  4. FAM should have sent an official protest. If the allegation is true, it is very unfair to all teams competing in the group if one team can register over-age players.

    If we had lost fair and square, it is acceptable. But if the other team had an undue advantage, we should protest.

    Is there any other way for any other body/person to make a complaint other than FAM

  5. The OCM board has 17 members but only 12 voted. What happened to others. It is learnt that the president and deputy president opted for casting vote.

  6. FAM must register thieir protest by any means. It doesn't matter if AFC takes it up. The protest must also be registered with FIFA.

  7. It look to me that there is a conspiracy within FAM to show that Rajagopal is not that bad a coach coz Kim Swee's also failed to reach the next level. FAM should have lodge a report. period.

    To anon7:27 pm, I think Kim Swee's team played much better football than our senior team. Its a matter of time that they will definitely be the King of ASEAN at least.

    Pak Nik


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