Should Malaysia host the 2017 Sea Games?

Many still believe we are good at being hosts.

Perhaps they are right as we tend to be gracious - overly gracious especially when it comes to funds - when given the task to organise events.

The 1998 Commonwealth Games in KL was a sight to behold. Yet it took more than a decade to finally close the accounts and left several facilities in poor conditions.

Almost RM300 million was spent on the recently concluded Malaysia Games in Pahang. Despite the huge budget, there was a food poisoning incident and other episodes which caught the attention of Pahang prince Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah as reported by Bernama.

But there are those who praised the Sukma as seen in a Harian Metro report.

Now the SEA Games Federation has given Malaysia the opportunity to host the 2017 regional Games if no other country bids to host it.

The last time we hosted the SEA Games was in 2001 - when I was still a stringer with The Malay Mail then and skipped two weeks of classes to get a taste of the action which was later 'marred' by the Sept 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

I bet former Malay Mail journo Rizal Hashim remembers that "insignificant" incident pretty well.

Should we play host to such Games? How much money will be spent? And who will really benefit from it?

Banter with me. I'm sure your guess is as good as mine.

HD says: Covering the 2001 Games was fun indeed.


  1. erk..kayenye kite

  2. tak payah buang duit.lagi baik baiki infra kat stadium bukit jalil dan sekolah sukan.

  3. Minister, Mohid or Zol benefit from it??

  4. Rejecting the so-called glamour event will be money well saved.

  5. still don't understand with people yang mcm buta hati buta minda
    negara lain berpusu-pusu memajukan sukan dan ingin mengendalikan temasya sukan..tapi our COUNTRY .. have a low minded .. don't have patriotic feelin huh? kick out from Malaysia then~

  6. How about they gave Pahang the chance to do SEA games. All the facilities need only a little tweak to conform to olympic spec. Maybe add budget for a velodrome would make it more complete. There should be more utilisation for all the state's sport facilities beyond just SUKMA and the occasional state tournament. If Palembang and Korat can do it why not Kuantan.

    To make it work all the admin work need to be done by MSN and OCM, state officials were proven not up to it in handling this big occation.


  7. Pahang?? Cermin kasi taruk depan muka. Small games pun kaput lagi mahu organize big games

  8. Yes! Malaysia should host the SEA Games in 2017. After 16 years, it's time! When was the last time Malaysia host such games. 1998 Komanwel? 2001 SEA Games? Yes! That's right. 2001. Plus, the bonus is our athletes and contingents play in their own backyard with the support of our own fans. Sure Malaysia can win more medals.

  9. tk payah buat lah..stadium besar2 tu kita kelambukan kn stadium2 tu nk buat utk sukan sekolah pulak kan...

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  11. please stay the sea games out of KL at least...organize another round of bidding between the states


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