National footballers face dilemma in sports school

What is a sports school?

A. To churn out student athletes, OR
B. To churn out students who are active in sports

Education is VERY important. Period.

But let's look at the situation faced by two Bukit Jalil Sports School footballers Raphi Azizan Mariappen and Muhd Ariff Farhan Md Isa.

There are efforts to get both footballers to stay in Wisma FAM - in a bid for them to further gel with their team mates.

Apparently the school is not too keen with the idea and insists they stay at the hostel in Bukit Jalil. It was also learnt the school was not "cool" with the fact Nazmi Faiz Mansor skipped his SPM for national duties.

One does not blame the school as they are regulated by the Education Ministry and are forced to adhere to the regulations set by the Ministry which is similar to that of any other SMK.

This includes obtaining a "healthy" number of passing rates and good attendance.

So where do we draw the line?

This has been a subject of discussion since the sports school concept started more than a decade ago.

Not only the sports schools (especially Bandar Penawar) that needs maintenance and proper facilities, the powers-that-be need to re-evaluate the roles played by Sports School in the county - to compliment and facilitate the making of a future champion.

We need our student athletes to have sound education but at the same time these athletes need to be in an environment where they will be able to serve their nation better.

To the policy makers, let's look at this seriously.

HD says: Instead of going on a witch hunt, try and solve the problem.


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