Outfit continues to hog the limelight

UPDATE: Aug 1 (8.38am):

Having seen and heard enough with regards to the issue of the contingent's attire at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, OCM President Tunku Tan Sri Imran Tuanku Jaafar said that it had been OCM's domain in the past but the government had taken over over two decades.
"Having given serious consideration and looking at the issue with regards to the attire in London, we have decided that it will be OCM that will determine the attire for multi sports events from now on, " said Imran when met at the sidelines of the Olympics.
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UPDATE 1.50pm: Former Mailsport journo Graig Nunis alerted me of this on my Facebook page -
Olympic Uniform #18 – Malaysia
Someone pulled a shifty on the Malaysian team and told them the opening ceremony was team fancy dress.

That was the take of fashion website Dmarge.com as seen here.


What do you think of the national contingent's outfit during the opening ceremony parade at the London Olympics recently?

“One word. Why?” asked Facebook user Jacqueline Liew Kah Ling on a Malaysian page thread, in reference to unfavourable comments about the design of the costumes in some blogs.

On Twitter, user @OthmanMustapha tweeted that the team’s costumes appeared unfinished.

But there are those who liked the design saying;

“Our colours may not have been the best match, but it is something that intrigues the eye,” said Multimedia University student Sabun Sabunated on Facebook.

Another user, Tsukiko Pigwidgeon who studies textile and fashion design at the Malaysian Institute of Art, said she thought the women’s outfit was pretty.

Read the full report in today's The Star.

The outfit isn't the only thing hogging the limelight. Many continue to debate about the relevance of the 55th Merdeka Celebrations theme song 'Janji Ditepati'. The song can be viewed on YouTube.

HD says: Do share your thoughts.


  1. Regardless of the costume; it was proud to see the athletes and offficials marching. At the same time, it was disheartening to see a few who have used their position to get into the march past.....hope you realise what is the difference between sacrifice and doing your job. Good Luck Malaysia!

  2. Janji ditepati...sekarang masa balas budi...pppuuuiii....

  3. org yg bising2 pasal janji ditepati ni panas bontot pasal geng2 nie taburi janji tidak ditepati..puuiiii


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