Wenger "asks" about Malaysian players

UPDATE 9.50am: National coach K.Rajagobal is concerned over Aidil Zafuan Abdul Razak, as revealed to the author earlier this morning.

Aidil suffered major cramps on the pitch after dishing out a solid performance against the Gunners.

"I really don't know how and why it (the cramps) happened but I'm really concerned about it," Rajagobal said.

"I will need to speak to our doctor to find out more about Aidil's situation. I'm not a doctor but based on my understanding there could be several factors that lead to Aidil such bad cramps...it could be because of dehydration."

"It's the fasting month and it's difficult to play such a high intensity match. Aidil knows this better and the turning point of the game was when several of our players started getting cramps including Aidil.

"Aidil played really well and I need to know more of his condition and hope it will not happen again."


During the post match Press Conference, national coach K.Rajagobal revealed;

"We spoke for a short while, we spoke about some things. Arsene (Wenger) asked about several Malaysian players and I gave him my views."

It could have simply been a polite gesture by Wenger or perhaps it was something more than that.

Nevertheless, Malaysia wasted a one goal lead as the Gunners managed a 2-1 win in a match at the National Stadium.

While the Arsenal players seem rather 'lethargic' and the pitch was in a poor state, two players displayed a convincing performance on the field - defender Aidil Zafuan Abdul Razak and goalkeeper Farizal Marlias.

Even Wenger praised the duo.

"Your number 7 (Aidil Zafuan) and 8 (Safiq Rahim) did well. The goalkeeper (Farizal) was absolutely fantastic. Overall, I've seen many good players today."

As Rajagobal said; "We've seen changes in Malaysian football and this is positive for our game."

Malaysia will next play Manchester City on July 30.

HD says: Good game lads.


  1. Did anyone at dPC asked abt Aidil? He was stretched out after d match with a drip.

  2. Overall, I think Malaysian played well though nothing spectacular. We got the commendable results because of good tactical discipline against the much more talented opponent. Good to note that we now have 2 reliable goalkeepers in APek and Farizal. No more Sharbinee, Please Raja.

    Pak Nik

    1. yes, you are absolutely right..

  3. Everyone knows that those playing (say around 15 including the subs) last nite are not the best 15 players in Malaysia. Imagine if we can really have the best 15 playing last nite. The result would have been much better.

    Pak Nik

    1. So who are those best players in Malaysia???Can we rely on Harimau Muda A/B for our Nation dreams to World Cup or at least Asia Cup or Olympic???

    2. Anon 4:16pm,don't be so naive. We all know that Bunyamin Umar, Azamuddin Akil,Amridzuan and Shahurain Abu Samah are not the best malaysian players in their respective positions. The players are FAM's or Rajagopal players not the best players from Malaysia!!

      Pak Nik

  4. Harap Rajagopal ambil perhatian: peminat tidak akan marah sebab kalah semata-mata. Kalah walaupun sudah bermain dengan baik, peminat tetap bangga dan puji.

    Inilah semangat "harimau malaya" yang sudah lama tidak di lihat!

    Bagi yang marahkan Muslim dan lain-lain (for whatever reason; blamed for the loss); sedarlah yang mereka itu (yang jadi subs pada 10-15 minit terakhir) adalah pelapis yang perlu diberi pendedahan.

    Cuma lain kali, dalam perlawanan persahabatan seperti ini, mereka diberi pendedahan lebih lama dan bukan sekadar 10 minit sahaja.

    p/s mungkinkah Muslim patut balik semula ke Harimau Muda?

  5. While we are on the National team, what has happened to our Hariamu team in the S-League? We started off well to be challenging for the top of the table but alas as usual, we started to slide after the break for international duty. Now they have gone for the Java Cup (another break). Really dont know our priorities. Asian U-22 qualifiers, Java Cup & S-League. No such problem with the Lions X11 in our M-League. I really hope that we will recover to do well in the S-League before before we do battle in the Suzuki Cup.


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