An early race.

Fernando Alonso won the Malaysian GP just minutes ago.

While the feat will be highlighted on the backpages of most newspapers tomorrow, there is a question that lingers on the minds of many - is there a need for the race to start earlier?

The race was stopped for sometime due to the heavy downpour and resumed just to end in time before there was complete darkness at the Sepang International Circuit.

To erect floodlights could turn out to be an expensive affair for the government and will not serve much of a purpose unlike in Singapore where the layout which is actually a series of streets in the city.

The need for the race to start at 4pm is to cater for the European viewers but it is strongly believed there is already an increasing number of viewers within the region (or similar time zone).

Starting early could also help see an increase of numbers at the stands which is quite disappointing at this year's race.

And there were claims of the roof leaking at the grandstand.

There is a dire need to reevaluate the Malaysian GP. Otherwise, it will just be another race on the F1 calendar.

HD says: Now to look forward to MotoGP.


  1. Capitalist at its best.
    Cheapest ticket f1 pon dah makin mahal.sama jugak lah dgn motogp, dulu first corner grandstand RM 30, now RM 60+ sekali ganda tambahan.
    cuma bbrp tahun ni ada added value dalam motogp sbb ada pelumba tempatan yang agak boleh bersaing slps tamatnya era Shahrol Yuzy,

    team the so called 1malaysia pon dah hilang? ke team f1 ni mmg tak wujud?Kalau tahun lepas dikhabarkan penonton boleh enjoy persembahan bintang K Pop- Rain selepas perlumbaan. Tahun ni?

    Jangan asyik ulang kata2 profil sama setiap tahun 'cheapest race in f1 calendar,' tu tak bererti organizer pun berperangai 'cheapest'.

    just my 2 cents


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