40 gold but.....

MSN tidak harus cepat bangga, 8 emas dari sukan bukan program mereka

That was from today's Berita Harian.

Antara sukan berkenaan adalah ski air yang mencatat keputusan membanggakan dengan menyumbang empat emas, begitu juga lawan pedang (dua) dan renang perairan terbuka serta kuartet 4x400 meter yang masing-masing memenangi sebutir emas.

Hakikatnya, sukan ini tidak berada dalam senarai sasaran awal MSN.

I am not a big fan of setting targets. I am also not a big fan of associations begging for money from the government. Such funding will only blur the administrative powers and role of the said associations.

But some associations do need 'guidance' and deserved to be dictated by the National Sports Council (NSC). These NSAs think it is their birth right to obtain money from the government without lifting a finger and trying to source their own funds.

In some sports, we produce world class athletes (squash, badminton) but in most sports we are just the region's best (women's basketball, snooker).

If must, perhaps it is time for grants to be distributed equally based on merit and the Games we participate in.

But as said before, we can't be expecting money from the government all the time.

Pix by NSTP

HD says: Well done Alex Yoong and to the other medal winners. Continue your fine run!


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