MAAU blasted!

"There are too many problems in MAAU and there must be a major change in the association. The athletes are being humiliated and their futures will be buried if the association does not undergo major changes." - Noraseela Khalid after winning the 400m hurdles Sea Games gold medal yesterday.

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The humiliation she speaks about is not only of that suffered by the 4x400m men's quartert who, despite winning the gold medal, were forced to go home without attending the prize presentation ceremony. Noraseela was shouted at by a Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) official not too long ago.

The MAAU has come under fire for various reasons. There seems to be a clash of personalities within officials, athletes' constantly claim they are not well taken care of and allegations of favoritism between officials and athletes.

Sadly, this has been going on for far too long and nothing has been done to put things in place. Perhaps when diplomacy fails, the athletes need to take matters into their hands and revolt.

After all, the athletes cannot expect anyone to help them but themselves. It is time to change.

Pic: Noraseela (left) and Roslinda Samsu celebrate after winning their fourth Sea Games gold in their respective events at the Jakabaring Sports Complex yesterday . - picture by YAZIT RAZALI, NSTP.

HD says: Hope national bodies will safeguard the welfare and interest of our national athletes.


  1. semalam saya tengok abg rizal macam dah nak terbakar je kat astro...

  2. Bro....don't waste your time on MAAU....It's rotten ro the core. Just imagine they sent 40 observers (if I'm not wrong) but had to wait to the last minute to send the relay team. And the boys did not have the chance to hear the national anthem being played in their honor. If there is a need to us the ISA; it is now!

  3. What's happening to sports and the officials in this country? These officials are appointed by some kind of oath to safeguard the integrity of the country. Salute these athlete who had performed tremendously well despite undergoing so much inconveniences. . How come NSC never knew about this? If MAAU has problems with athletes , its NSC's role to be mediators or moderators to solve this issues amicably.Well done Norsheela and Roslinda .

  4. bro tolong siasat jika betul selangor ambil pemain import dari lebanon. ramez dayoub sebelum ini dari kelab di myanmar. apa jadi dengan "rules cooling off" period yang digembar gemburkan fam selama ini?

  5. aisey, who books the flight tickets? is it karim ibrahim or sieh kok chi or some one working on the orders of zolkples embong?

  6. kata target 8 dapat apa cerita..letak jawatan la

  7. Bro,

    Why Shahidan was not with the 4x400m men's quartert during the competition? HE SPENT ALMOST OF HIS TIME AT SWIMMING VENUE...


  8. Its back to finger pointing
    Times must be really bad coz even if you won the gold you should not cancel or postpone your return fight.
    No one had the courage to make a decision to say "Dont take the flight, go collect ur medal you made us proud" - The Chief De Mission, The NSC people , the MAAU there BUT not a single person stood up and took responsibility - was it the lack of courage or "tak kisah"

  9. encik, itu selection komiti semua dungu...oops bukan ada msn dalam situkah? kalau msn tak ada kasi recommend, ocm sudah tua tak nampak, kenapa salah maau?

  10. Wahh..sentimen salahkan msn ka. Jom ramai2 kutuk msn. Awat tak dak sapa yang salahkan ocm yang arrange everything.?? Atau maau?? Kata nak bagi kuasa pada ocm dan persatuan lobeh. So masa ne la tunjuk la kuasa tu..hahaahh semua takut kaa

  11. Bro..just caught the statement by the coach with the team manager in the background on Astro Arena. He was telling that the mistake of selecting the athletes was the fault of MAAU. Let me state that in no way I'm supportive of MAAU. My only question to the coach is that why is he speaking to the media now. Where was he when the boys were not considered? The coaches under the payroll are all afraid that their contracts will not be renewed yearly; they keep quiet and toe the tine set by the powers that be....Please coaches realize that you are being bullied. Get together and speak as one is better to lead an honourable life outside than being bullied everyday. Where is your self respect?

  12. Shahidan said even he was with them after the competition, however he was not aware about the fligth tickets...pppuuuiiihhhh....nonsense...

    He will also investigate the issue..Kemon la Shahidan, YOU SHOULD RESIGN...Dont tuding2 orang lain...

  13. Anon 8.43am

    I did not see the statement of the coach on air but if that is true, then I am not surprised as I have seen such an incident before. Coaches keep mum during meetings prior a competition to give face and look good and when things don't work out they make their feelings public.

    As you rightly pointed out, why wasn't this spoken prior the competition?

    Sadly, we always want to give face. And those who speak publicly will always be penalised. It not only happens in MAAU but everywhere else.

    People love pretenders and hypocrites rather than those who express their trues feelings on their faces.

  14. hahaha..that maau bro. ask all coaches during last coaches meeting with karim...then you know how coaches tried to fight about their athletes right to be in the team..but did you cover it?? no u only cover the big story


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