KL desperate for ca$h

UPDATE 12.30pm - I have started a 'SAVE KLFA CAMPAIGN' and have pledged RM100 to get the ball rolling. Money collected will be channeled to KLFA at their office in Cheras Stadium. Money is meant for developing KL football especially at the grassroots. I've posted the same thing on twitter as well. Cheques can be addressed to PERSATUAN BOLA SEPAK KUALA LUMPUR.


It may seem that everyone is fixated over the Sea Games football final between Indonesia and Malaysia tonight (8.30pm kick off).

Not the guys in KL FA though.

KL is still scouting for funds and has even gone to the extent of obtaining the services of a company to bring in the money.

Apparently, during its last council meeting, it was agreed that a 'certain monetary cut' will be handed to those who are able to secure sponsors.

Despite submitting their proposals to major companies all over, KLFA have not heard any good news from any party - or so I have been told.

KLFA are also willing to place the corporate name on all of their activities - form grassroot to the Super League and do not mind placing the company's representative within KLFA to monitor the funds.

As an insider said: "Our companies are still oblivious about sports. They find it easier to fund an entertainment gig than our football team."

It is sad that the nation's city team cannot seem to sustain itself in the league.

So what is the return of investment of sponsoring a football team?

Free branding through Media coverage (print and electronic) and A-boards at the stadium. That's cheaper than placing a full page advertisement every weekend in a leading newspaper.

If the FAs are savy enough, they should engage the spectators through social media and websites and sell merchandises and memorabilia to the loyal fans. Kelantan has set a good example.

Give investors a reason to pump in their money into football. Perhaps then we will see more companies joining the fray.

If all else fails, just pack up withdraw from the league and concentrate on the grassroots. At least there will be less heartache.

HD says: As said before, it's all about branding and marketing.


  1. Agree and down south across the "bridge", not many clubs are that savy in terms of those you mentioned.

    Although I must add that certain things in present situation over at my end are making it very challenging to attract partners (not merely sponsors)to the clubs.

  2. We all need a starting point! Where do I pledge?

  3. We may be fallen giant today, but that doesnt mean that we will give up hope..

    Monetary cut for a company i think is not an issue as long as the company get them the required fund. Trust me it is not an easy job to write a good proposal with ROI& ROO, to do a presentation and most of all to convince the investor.

    For KLFA to move on...will do what ever possible to bring back the glory day..

    For you bro to start a campaign is a good move... Cheers bro..

    Zul "GSM" Miura

  4. Branding & Marketing ? Thats a big word. But what is the product. Please dont use terminologies that you dont understand la. Sounds like a politician. Go and ask KLFA how well they have managed the money that sponsors given first?Why dont you ask them to open their books? Cakap senang bro, ingat ini apa mamak bola punya show ka?

  5. betul apa branding & marketing,LOL someone terasa beb,BETUL apa cerita KLFA,apa facebook FP ,website,yOutube channel,INI APA kes,X ADA SEMUA NI BASIC jer pun...,PENAJA PERLU semua ni,,ADUH,,cerita kat mamak pun boleh dapat idealah nak SELAMATKAN klfa,,TAPI sombong punya pasal klfa HANCUR,Apa EMAIL PUN klfa TAK DA,,APA CERITAberat ni...

  6. patut ajar bebaik lagi KLFA,beb it's all about branding and marketing.

    dah tersepit pun, nak sombong gak ker KLFA,mana email lu,,paling koman pun dah tersepit buat lah satu kempen menyelamatkan KLFA Untuk saingan liga Malaysia.


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