Tigers on a prowl

The Malaysian U-23 team defended their Sea Games title after edging Indonesia 4-3 in a penalty shoot out. Both teams drew 1-1 even after extra time.

Two fans were killed at Gelora Bung Karno.

Firecrackers were lit in most parts of KL.

The backpages will be plastered with pictures of our players celebrating. Oh yes, there will be faces of officials who will shamelessly take credit as well.

But where do we go from here.

In hardly 24 hours, coach Ong Kim Swee will be part of the team manager's meeting at Wisma FAM (3pm) ahead of the Malaysia-Syria pre-Olympic clash.

Both teams will play on Wednesday night at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil. Then the national team will take on Bahrain on Nov 27.

The standard of play seen throughout the tournament wasn't that great - but for the exciting grand finale.

Thailand has lost its grip as the regional power house. Singapore still has got a lot of catching up while Indonesia are still struggling to find their grip and are desperate for any title. Vietnam too seem to have lost the plot.

Malaysia has the upper hand at the moment but for how long before the other countries reign supreme.

Let's not be complacent and start working slowly but steadily for bigger titles.

Well done to Kim Swee and the Harimau Muda lads. You deserved to win.


HD says: Personal note to Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, screw those who took pot shots at you. You're still the region's best.


  1. Personal note to King Gopal....plsssssss do not choose Fakhri after dis.....we r so tired to MENYUMPAH on his performance... Kemahkemim

  2. future looks bright, they will bloom slowly but surely..

  3. asean done, asia next! apek is one of the best in asia already, the rest must follow! f**k off to people who want to bring him down.

  4. Yes good luck to the new king of ASEAN. (couldnt even get pass Singapore in world cup q)


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