"Our standards are dropping"

National Olympic and Sea Games coach Ong Kim Swee admitted the standard of play among the teams in the region has "dropped".

He admitted it is a problem faced by all the other South East Asian nations but was quick to add Malaysia is able to stamp its dominance as we have several players including Nazmi Faiz Mansor (pic), Fandi Othman and Gary Steven Robbat who will still be able to play in the coming editions of the Sea Games.

As Kim Swee rightly pointed out, we need to have better representation in the age group tournaments including the AFC Under-16 championship.

Read Kim Swee's take here.

HD says: It's time to expose the younger lads.


  1. Yes I agree, with that all explained above..Youth are getting inactive in general, and there are so many factors behind this.

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  2. This young teen talents need to get caliber footie agent with good contacts in Netherland, Germany and Swiss. The players need to aspire to go on a trial there instead of dreaming playing in M-League. Stuck here they will likely become mor euseless just like a certain guy (mr. F***ry S).


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