Mesuma challenges NSC

Received a statement from Mesuma Sports Sdn Bhd that read:

We dispute that they are the owners of the trademark. We are the registered owners and we have the rights to use the mark as registered. We are contesting their claim. We are also challenging their rights to the industrial designs they are talking about.

This is with regards to the tiger stripes design seen on the national jersey. Both Mesuma Sports and the National Sports Council (NSC) claim ownership over the design.

Read 'Bring it on' in today's Mailsport.


  1. Hahaha now we see more interesting cover story. Who paid who and who write what

  2. And it gets more interesting

  3. To the ignorant and uninitiated, this is merely about a showdown of ego.

    Personally, I would like to see the outcome of this case based on four issues;

    1. the battle between the Trademarks Act and the Industrial Design Act.

    2. the fact a govt agency (NSC) challenging the authority of another govt agency (IPCM).

    3. if the tiger stripes belong to the NSC, why didn't anyone challenge Mesuma from trademarking the design?

    4. why didn't NSC or the Sports Ministry protect the design but allowed another private company (CR Sports) to apply for the design instead.

  4. Either NSC/Zol got "something" out of it or sleeping on the job.. :)

  5. Its disgusting to see a writer taking sides and not being impartial on his reporting. How much were you bought for this time ?

  6. Suddenly sum1 writes against MSN and u say he is bought? MSN oso got pay reporters wat. Go ask Zol la.


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