60 - just a number?

The national associations have made their assessments. And judging by their assessments, the nation ought to clinch 60 gold medals at the up-coming Sea Games in Indonesia.

But is it a realistic target?

Chef de mission Naim Mohammad avoided the question only to later say that he will stick to the decision made by the team officials. After all, they should know best.

However, there are many factors to look into when it comes to the regional Games. As Naim rightfully said, how can one predict the outcome when one does not know the opponent he or she will face.

Reality bites.

Also, it shouldn't be all about numbers. It should be about improving the personal best and putting up a great show.

Indonesia meanwhile are gunning to be the overall champions as seen here.

All the best to the national athletes heading to Indonesia. Go easy on the Nasi Padang.

HD says: Where can I find good Indonesian food in KL? Any ideas?


  1. try restoran sari ratu bro,2 branches i know so far...one in desa pandan another one besides the Houz near Jalan TAR just opposite Pertama Kompleks :D


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