Oh mon dieu AFP!

AFP is an abbreviation for Agence France-Presse.

But judging by it's latest report on the 26th Sea Games, it is now in A F&^ked-up Position.


Well the mouth watering Indonesia-Malaysia football final is supposed to be played today at 8pm.

Yet, an AFP report had this headline - Indonesia beat Malaysia in Sea Games football final.

Blogger Pure Shiite was fast to post it on his blog, as seen here.

But the story read;

Monday night's final should harbour few fears for the visitors, who weathered the cauldron of the 90,000 capacity Gelora Bung Karno stadium in Jakarta to beat the hosts 1-0 in their last group game.

I pity the journalist for it may not have been his fault. Headlines are usually constructed by the sub-editors or editors.

It's a boo-boo nevertheless.

HD says: Let's see who will win tonight.


  1. they got info from bookie mah

    Fowler is God, but Kenny will always be King


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