You'll be missed Salam

He had that rebellious rocker look.

But Salam Sidik (pic) was a humble man.

So humble that in 2009 when he was named world no 1 in (paralympic) archery, he was unfazed and remained the cool, calm man he always was.

And all Salam wanted was to do was to compete with his able bodied counterparts. His dream was to also strike gold at the London Paralympics next year.

Sadly, we will no longer see him achieve his dreams as
Salam passed away at 1pm today.

He was brought back to his hometown in Sungai Tiram, Johor, according to Bernama's report 'Pemanah Elit Paralimpik Negara Meninggal Dunia'.


HD says: Salam will be missed.


  1. Hi Haresh, I stumbled upon this blog of yours while searching on all things Sungai Tiram, Johor.

    I happened to know Sidik, Salam's dad, very much my junior but we must have shared the same river etc to play in in our early years.

    I have not lived in Sungai Tiram for half a century but still share the sense of joy and pride on Salam's achievements. Sadly, apart from this blog of yours there don't seem to be any recognition of the magnitude of what was achieved; missed opportunity for young people in the village to have reason to be proud Malaysians.


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