Calling KL youths

The Kuala Lumpur FA will conduct trials for its President's Cup team on Sunday (Nov 20) from 8am onwards at the Kampung Pandan Sports Complex.

Those born on or after 1991 are welcomed to test their skills.

Please do come well prepared as there will not be a booth renting out boots or shin pads.

Balls will be provided nevertheless.

Best of luck!

HD says: Never try never know. Pi cuba je


  1. Twenty years later and the same system is use for selecting a team. Extensive scouting should be the way.

  2. Kesian, almost 2 decades of "professional" football, we are still conducting trials for president cup.
    It should be FAIL!:Calling KL Youths instead of FOUL!: Calling KL Youths

  3. so, sebenarnya liga M ni mmg xde akademi bolasepak. betul lah arwah dato basri cakap dulu..

    piala presiden tiap2 tahun dok panggil player baru selection,masalahnya..mana player the so called akademi tu??

  4. team Liga Super macam mana? still got fund or not?

  5. What happen the players from the schools who had played in the MSSM or Liga KPM 2 or 3 years ago.Who is responsible to have a database on these players movement - FA or MSS ? How is the link between FA and the schools? Why now as it is SPM and STPM is ongoing ? What a planning??? Well anyway best of luck KLFA and hope they can get what they are looking for.

  6. if i'm not mistaken, klfa are calling for those eligible because most of the current president cuppers are promoted to the 1st team since all the current 1st teamers is either leaving or contemplating to leave KL for better pay..hopefully this yr the management will be prudent if they don't want this to happen again nx season. what's wrong calling up kl youths for trials, it is not to select for the whole team..i remember a friend of mine went to selangor's president cup trial long time ago..hundreds came but they need only 1 player to add to their existing team..maybe there's a new azrul amri borhan or yap wai loon waiting to be discovered, who knows right?

  7. singapore's league will be privatised in 2012. malaysia's league will never be privatised because so many hidden agendas. looks like no hope for football, unless those holding positions get lost. now.

  8. adoi..satu hari jer selection ? baru dapat tawu td..hope ada sekali lagi selection..

  9. xkan xde dh selection.
    plzz buat skli lagi


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