To the new MAF president...

.Dear Zainal Abidin Ahmad,

Allow me to first congratulate you for being appointed as the new Malaysian Athletic Federation (MAF) president.

It must have been a joyous moment for you when you were named as the new chief for the national body, replacing former Perlis MB Shahidan Kassim, during the AGM yesterday.

I'm sure you will still continue to receive SMSes and phone calls congratulating you over your new role throughout today.

I certainly do not wish to dampened your mood but as you know by now, there is a lot of work to be done to elevate the national athletics scene.

Some have expressed that they are rather surprised with your line up. Wan Hisham Wan Salleh obtained 25 votes to boot Karim Ibrahim (19 votes) out from the deputy president's post while several familiar names continue to warm their seats within the organisation.

Yet, many insist that your appointment is a breath of fresh air.

I do not wish to ridicule your predecessor or his set of officials. They have performed their roles according to what they believe is right and it is only respectable for us to thank them for their contributions - whether one agrees or not.

And it is vital that we learn from them.

From doping issues to the clash of opinions about the training center in Ranau - MAF will need to re-look at their past actions and problems and work with the rightful bodies for the benefit of the athletics scene.

While the NSC is merely a funding arm for the Sports Ministry, it is important that both bodies embark on a healthy working relationship.

I'm sure you are well aware about the clash of personalities that I do not wish to elaborate but you can't be biting the same hand that feeds you. Otherwise, stand on your own feet and don't expect any grants from the government.

Zainal, you have a huge task at hand. Please tidy up the constitution. Do ensure your officials are committed in the promotion of athletics from grassroots to the elite level. Your state affiliates must be active.

Rome was not built in a day. Thus, one would not expect miracles from you and your team. But you can help the future generation of athletes by putting them on the right track. Don't shun our former athletes for I am sure they will be able to contribute in their own way. Give our young athletes the break they deserve.

Promise the athletes that you will not be just another president. Promise them that you will make changes, no matter how small, for the future of the local athletics scene.

And promise yourself that you will stand true to the agenda of developing athletics and not turn into a politician along the way.

I look forward to sitting down with you for a cup of teh tarik in the near future. On the same note, I would like to catch up with Karim over some hot capatis and perhaps visit Shahidan in Perlis.

Till then, take good care sir and all the best to you and your team.

Yours sincerely,

Haresh Deol

Note: Pic from NST.


  1. Shahidan has been dethroned and Nazmi has also announced that he will not seek re-election in next BAM's council election in May 2013. What about FAM, when will the "duo" make a way for new faces with fresh ideas.

    Pak Nik

  2. ...and Rosli Hussein is the best candidate for FAM's general secretary

  3. Good advice to Datuk Zainal. His first task should be to tidy the MAF constitution and also look at the states contitution. Are they proper and legal. Some of them have not had their AGM for ages.


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