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"I have not received any submissions from the Malaysian Paralympic Council (MPC). I'm still waiting for their professional opinions and justifications. So far, only the National Sports Council (NSC) has given their inputs and justifications on the pension scheme. 

"I really look forward to receive MPC's input on this before we can take it to the attention of the NSC Board of Management for consideration."

Those were the words of Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek as quoted by Bernama.

Plenty have been said about the fate of our national para-athletes. Some labelled the Media as "hypocrites" for only writing and highlighting our para-athletes when they return home with honours.

Others strongly believe MPC have yet to play an active role and it is thanks to the NSC's efforts since 2007 that our para-athletes are now obtaining the desired results.

Instead of playing the blame game, it is only right for the parties concerned to protect the welfare of the para-athletes. MPC should have been proactive in this matter but as the saying goes, better late than never.

Perhaps MPC could also take this opportunity to explain to Ahmad Shabery about their RM4 million investment.

Let's work together for the benefit of our para-athletes. And to our para-athletes (and even to our able-bodied athletes) - start speaking up and be heard.

Let's not forget about our para-athletes.

HD says: Here's hoping for better days to come for our para-athletes.


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