MAF elections - heat is on

Earlier this week their rather 'flawed' constitution stole the limelight - as also seen on this blog on Tuesday.

Today, the Malaysian Athletic Federation (MAF) sees a relieved deputy president Karim Ibrahim who has apparently been "exonerated from being accused of having a hand" in the doping fiasco not too long ago.

Malaysian Sports quoted Karim as saying;

"I will now concentrate on the MAU elections and am relieved that all this is over.

"I am not able to say anything more except for the fact that my lawyer advised me I have nothing to be concerned about."

Read the exclusive report here.

A flashback of my front page stories on the doping fiasco are seen here and here

It will be great to get a copy of the report to better digest the contents.

That aside, this will certainly be an interesting run up to the MAF elections this Sunday.

HD says: Hopefully we have learnt something from this episode.


  1. "exonerated from being accused of having a hand" in the doping fiasco not too long ago????


    God save Malaysian Athletics!


  2. The athletes want the top two to go; The coaches also want them to go. But the silly affiliates, for reasons best known to them, want the same leadership. This is Malaysian Sports


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