Malaysia's amateur federation

UPDATE 9.50pm: The Sports Commissioner's office will require at least 24 hours to study and determine if the Malaysian Athletic Union's (MAU) constitution was in order.

Sports Commissioner Datuk Mohd Yassin Mohd Salleh suggested that if the MAU wanted to review or amend the constitution, it need to do it by calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).  - BERNAMA

These pictures are part of the Malaysia Athletic Federation's (Persekutuan Olahraga Malaysia) constitution.

Take note of Articles 8.4.4, 8.6 and 8.7.2.

If one can't get their constitution right, what more guide the national athletics scene. Hopefully other national sports associations will take their constitutions seriously.
HD says: Professionalism at its worse?


  1. The top 2 bozos should be remove before Malaysian athletics is dead for good...


  2. It is not only the top two but also the council.The Sports Commissioner's office should also look at the legality of the state associations. Some of them have not had their AGM for years

  3. See mhc too the slumberjack is still sleeping msian hockey with deadwoods officials the sec gen is screwed up


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