Spot on Shabery

“We have entered the professional era in football …the players are professional but the management is still way behind."

“The style of football management in the country is suitable for the amateur era but not now.”

Those were the words of Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek as quoted by The Star.

Sadly, the good minister cannot be seen interfering into the football affairs of the country. However, that doesn't mean his words should be overlooked.

In fact what Shabery had said is a true reflection of the pathetic state of management attitude adopted by most FAs. And perhaps it is high time for the FA of Malaysia to step in and crack the whip.

But will the national body do so? After all, FAM comprises of members from the respective FAs.

Ideally, FAM should consists of officials with no affiliations or linkages with the state FAs and clubs to ensure they act independently.

It can be done. But are the stakeholders ready to change?

HD says: Spot on sir!


  1. Are you kidding?? independant officials in FAM? or for that matter in State FAs?
    Not in a 100 years!
    Everthing will be lost as you can see how they jostle for positions in the FAs without any shame.

  2. Kelantan nak pergi main AFC, jadual Piala Malaysia tak boleh ubah.

    Selangor nak main Piala Sultan Selangor, jadual Piala Malaysia boleh diubah.

    Betul ke ni?

    Kalau nak ubah di peringkat FA, FAM kenalah tunjuk tauladan.

    p/s Azlan Johar masih nak kata yang sama seperti di Sorakan 12? - Sorry Haresh, tumpang my message to Azlan Johar in your blog.

    p/s Kelantan nak pergi Iraq, tidak berhantar; ini satu hal. Pasukan Arbil dah sampai KB, FAM tak sambut? Astro pun tak ada news ini. Tak pelik ke?

    Yes, it's me again. Kamarul.

    1. Lihat siapa Chairman JK Pertandingan.
      Not surprising, keputusan untuk ubah, tiada siapa dalan JKP pun bantah!

      ia itu, go with the flow...

    2. Bukan ke jadual Felda vs Kelantan di ubah ke 29hb sbb KAFA yg minta?

      I'm not Kamarul

    3. Awak cakap pasal Kelantan di suku akhir, saya cakap pasal Kelantan perlawanan ke 6 kumpulan.

      Kalau awak pengurus pasukan, mana yang lebih penting, masa persiapan panjang semasa main home atau masa persiapan panjang semasa main away?

      Lawan Terengganu 14/9. 15/9 bertolak dan 30jam++ kemudian baru sampai Arbil. 18/9 lawan Arbil.

      Tahukah anda, nak lawan di KB pada 25/9, semalam Arbil dah sampai?

      Sebelum jumpa Kelantan, perlawanan terakhir Arbil adalah pada 16 Ogos. Pemain Arbil yang terlibat dalam pasukan kebangsaan Iraq kali terakhir bermain, lebih kurang seminggu sebelumnya dalam WCQ.

      Nampak tak kesungguhan Iraq dalam sukan bolasepaknya? Kesungguhan FAM ditahap mana?

      Awak kata, "Bukan ke jadual Felda vs Kelantan di ubah ke 29hb sbb KAFA yang minta?"

      Boleh ke kita anggap Selangor secara last minute adakan Piala Sultan Selangor kerana tiba-tiba ada slot kosong? Tidak kah itu juga akan menunding jari kepada perancangan FAM yang longgar?

      Jika di ingat kembali, pada 2010, Selangor layak AFC tapi tarik diri awal-awal. They must know something that Kelantan didn't know.


    4. I agree with u kamarul...very well said...

  3. Solution..all team must turn into FC structure including state team, meaning management must be privatize. State FA should do what other FA in other country do, organize tournament, create guidelines for clubs, and develope coaching. If his sate FA warlords still want to get their incompetent hand in the team, make them buy the majority stake in the team. Then can we have truly pro setup.


  4. from my opinion our football is getting worse. as u can see afc also having problem so as fam coming soon. world football body all fill up by the representative from the fa's. the worse part is malaysia salah satu negara yg tersenarai tertinggi rasuah dlm swasta. u see it now politic also. tell me how live we have to face it

  5. Players professional? Let's do a fitness test and see how many of them meet the minimum level of fitness!

  6. Kamarul, a few corrections to your facts.
    1. Sultan Selangor Cup dates has been decided way back in July, and it involves 2 teams - Selangor and Lions XII (Singapore). Original schedule for Malaysia Cup was made around the Sultan of Selangor Cup date of 29th (21st and 26th for both QF involving Lions XX and Selangor), only been rescheduled to accommodate several teams request for the second leg matches to be played at the same time - 2nd or 5th Oct).
    2. 2010 season, Selangor did qualify and played in the AFC Cup, but with an all-local lineup (no foreigners allowed in M-League then) they couldn't even get through from their group that involves Sriwijaya and Binh Duong.
    3. 2011, both Selangor (League Champ) and N Sembilan (FA Cup winners) declined the invitation to participate in AFC Cup due to the all-local rules. It's not worth logically and economically to hire foreigners just to play in 6 matches. Besides, how many quality players ready to accept this kind of offers
    4. For 2012, 3 reasons that entice both Kelantan and Terengganu to participate in AFC Cup; 1. FAM decided to give RM10k allowance for each games played by local representatives in the AFC, 2. foreigners are allowed back to the M-League, 3. FAM relaxed on the number of foreigners to be registered by the teams participate in AFC (can register 4 to be played in AFC, but only 2 for local matches). Terengganu used their only 2 foreigners for both tournaments while Kelantan maximized on the allocations. The fact that Kelantan didn't able to field up all 4 is more towards administration issue, not to be blamed on FAM

    I'm not taking sides here, FAM is way too amateur and chaotic in it's management, but let's be fair, just give credit where it's due and get all the facts right.

    And lastly, to Anonymous who suggest "Lihat Siapa JK Pertandingan", the committee is not consist of one man, Hamidin cannot make decisions at his whims, any decisions must be agreed by it's members. Let me name you the people inside it: Hamidin Mohd Amin (Selangor, chair), Afandi Hamzah (Kelantan, vice-chair), Omar Othman (Pahang), Abdullah Salleh (Terengganu), Alijus @ Mohd Ali (Sabah), Dali Wahid (PDRM), Azlan Johar (ex-players Association), Zulkefly Alias (PBSMM), Husni Mohd Yusof (KL Plus). Looks like the East Coast teams are well represented in the Committee, so how come only one man get all the blame?

    1. I stand corrected. Selangor qualified in 2010 for AFC 2011. Or am I still wrong?

      Thanks for the RM10,000 FAM is giving away. (I didn't know that. Hopefully, that will cover expenses of Keita Manjou and the Croatian guy. Hey! Even when they are not playing, they still had to be paid, right?

      And you mention administration issue. Well, to refine it better : AFC allow new registration upon qualification to the quarter final in June while FAM remain strict to their rule of registration in April (Remember, last time they declared willingness to go against mainstream to help Safee Sali in case of ISL dissolvement). Yup, FAM is too amateur and chaotic(hence the calling for FAM to pioneer the transformation before calling upon the FA - relative to this article's title). Still not fair to blame FAM?

      Oh yes! With regard to the Piala Sultan Selangor planning, it was just an ironic question to I'm Not Kamarul. We all knew, last minute adjustment to the dates will have to go around the already designated dates.

      A`question though, Piala Sultan Selangor is a FAM or Selangor FA thing? (Another ironic question).

      From your shared info, you must be close to some insider in FAM.

      People are saying that those FA's reps are yesman most of the time. Are they right?


  7. Same problem in badminton. Just look at some state asstns like KLBA and SBA. Coach slaps player, management keeps sponsored equipments meant for players use, parent and official fight during meeting, jusr to name a few incidents. Shameful..


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