Congratulations MM!

UPDATE 4.38pm: The article now refers Frankie as the Editor at Large. Well congratulations nevertheless Frankie. (Click on picture for earlier article).


The Malay Mail bagged another two awards after Frankie D'Cruz bagged the National Press Club's Scomi Journalist of The Year Award while The Malay Mail also won the award for DRB Hicom Best Media Organisation (Community Service) for its Hotline section.

This was reported on the website today.

Congratulations to Frankie for he derserves it. Also, it is hope that the award for the "Hotline" section, which is surprsingly missing from the newspaper in recent times, will be re-introduced in the near future.

I believe it is also right to congratulate Frankie for being the new Editor-in-Chief of the Malay Mail.

And I must thank the Malay Mail for remembering those, including yours truly, who left the good establishment recently.

HD says: Well done Malay Mail!


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