Walk the talk

"Much has been raised on the difference in the giving of Shakam incentives (Sport Reward Scheme), to normal athletes and paralympic athletes. In fact, on the lifetime allowance for paralympic athletes, after winning medals.

"I find there is a need in that direction and the ministry will work on it. Nevertheless, we need to prove it through wins in the London Paralympic Games," he said.

Those were the words of deputy Sports Minister Razali Ibrahim (pic) as published in NST.

This reminds me of an article I wrote last year - Robbing 'em blind.

And this also makes me wonder of the Paralympics RM4 million poser.

I am sure our special athletes will thank Razali for initiating such efforts. And Razali is right to say that the athletes will also need to show that they truly deserve it by bagging honours.

It's high time for all parties to walk the talk.

HD says: And now to listen to Lou Reed's Walk and Talk It.


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