KKK-TBH stay; BAM scouting for Project Manager

BA of Malaysia president Nadzmi Salleh spoke to the Media after the Exco meeting yesterday. Here are two points taken from an 18:05s video clip from Satwant Singh’s blog.

Point 1
“We deliberated at length, about Koo (Kien Keat) and Tan (Boon Heong)..you know there are a lot of opinion about this pair…this pair has approached us. They would like us to consider giving them the last chance for the World Championships next year.

We deliberated that at length and we finally decided…of course I don’t want to tell you what went on in the discussion but we finally decided we give them the last chance because this is what they want and we will make it very clear to them that this is the last chance for them but despite of that we will also expose them to other partners in the lesser tournaments. 

If they can’t make it by the time of the World Championships or don’t perform well, we have other partners to partner them. The target for them must be very clear and the exco recommended they must at least make it to the final.”

In short, Kein Keat and Boon Heong will remain as a pair until the World Championships next year. This contradicts NST's report yesterday that said;

However, the exco is expected to be firm and will inform Kien Keat-Boon Heong that there will be no turning back in January and that they must play with their new partners if they wish to be part of the national team.

Let's give Kien Keat and Boon Heong their final shot at glory before writing them off for good, shall we?

Point 2
“We found the problem with High Performance director (s) is that to find the person… we all agree the structure will not change much but the problem that we are facing today is to find the one body to fill in the position, this is the biggest challenge I think we cannot find somebody that has the competency for the job…to really perform.

So if we can find a manager..a manager would be a person who has strong managerial abilities and qualities because managing is getting results by working with other members of the organisation. If you have a high performance director, he must be very technically competent and also a good manager. And I think to have both qualities in a person is almost impossible."

In short, the three High Performance directors have somewhat 'failed' and BAM now needs a Project Manager. After all, from the three (Wong Ah Jit, Ng Chin Chai), only former shuttler James Selvaraj has technical knowledge of badminton.

Do note that a good player need not necessarily be a good coach or tactician.

That aside, BAM will create a new position. Why talk about 12 years (three Olympic cycles), when it remains unclear if BAM will be able to find anyone before the 2016 Olympics. 

Still remember the advertisement campaign the national body embarked to find the High Performance director?

Nadzmi did rightfully say it is not easy finding the perfect candidate.

And note the "confusion" and clarification between members of the Press and Nadzmi at the end of the video. Having many layers will turn BAM into another paranoid corporation that is more interested in looking good on paper but will get little work done.

If the structure has not been discussed, why make an announcement?

Nadzmi, who has managed big organisations, should know better. Just my two cents worth. After all, I'm just a journalist.

HD says: All the best.... 


  1. I think keeping the pair until world champ is sensible decision because we never know, they might achieve the objective because many other nation great doubles pair are either retiring or being rebuilt with new pairing so the performance might not be there yet. Possibly KKK-TBH could be top dog next year.

    AlSo sensible is to pair KKK-TBH with other players in lesser tournament in the mean time. It might provide fresh perspective and challenge for them to improve their form.

    Knee jerk decision does not always provide positive results. Let the situation cool before a more concrete solution could be found to settle this dilemma.


  2. Looks like MAU has got a new comrade in the form of BAM!


  3. The BAM had concentrated on grooming players; not administrators or coaches. But this is happening in all the national associations. That's reason we are failing. Maybe the OCM should take the lead and start grooming current sportsmen and sportswomen to be administrators.

  4. Ocm take a lead?? Is this a joke?? Is it april already??

  5. BAM should take in account on changing coaches for Koo & Tan. I think Cheah Soon Kit would do the job. No nonsense approach would be the best for Koo & Tan


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