Drama KT kian hangat

"Saya tidak akan beri komen atas kapasiti peribadi. Saya hanya akan komen untuk persatuan dan setakat ini saya tidak ingin beri apa-apa komen.

Pihak persatuan masih meneliti perkara ini, kami belum lagi putuskan tarikh mesyuarat....lagipun kami ingin tumpu perlawanan malam esok (menentang ATM)."

Itu merupakan kata-kata Presiden Persatuan Bola Sepak Terengganu yang juga pengurus pasukan, Che Mat Jusoh.

Kata-kata pemain yang terlibat pula di khabarkan dalam Berita Harian semalam.

Ini pula kata-kata jurulatih Terengganu Peter James Butler, melalui emel-nya kepada saya;

As for the Incident recently in Kedah it was brought to my attention by a member of the hotel thats players had re entered the hotel at 2.30/3am morning of the Malaysia Cup game, i was oblivious to all this as i was on a different floor however, on further investigation i was told this was correct and there were girls on the floor from outside the hotel.

A member of my playing staff came to see me after the game and confirmed this and said he was appalled about this and was not happy, i said leave it with me.

Haresh - the whole drama is crazy , this is all about "breach of curfew", the players have admitted they came back late, i don't care who was with them priests nuns girls or whatever they breached a

curfew at 2am/3am, whatever they did during that time is their business, of course i am upset they breached the 11pm curfew but we all make our own decisions in life , they are in the wrong and they
should be punished accordingly, this is a open and shut case, they can lie and say what they want, i was a player of course they are gonna plead innocence but they are in the wrong and this is not the 1st time this has happened, with these players.

I know what went on and it now is a internal matter, for the Terengganu FA to decide if they punish them or not, i won't back down i believe in discipline within a team hotel, i allow players to go out

after a game and relax the curfew, but before the game no chance - i have rules and you must respect them.

As for girls coming back to their rooms ? who said that ? - well if they wanna come and take a Polygram test lets see who is telling the truth.

As far as i am concerned i am done with it, i have passed it onto the management and they can do what they deem fit, they won't play for me again. Sharbinee is a different issue - the TV action is there for u all to see make up your own judgements, its again not the first time its happened and i have no doubt it won't be the last, i am finished with him - what he did was wrong.

I have had my safety threatened people wanna bash me up i have been warned not to ride my bike around Town ??? why ? just because i want discipline and i want players to observe the team rules before games.


This is called Professionalism and its something we all have a duty and obligation to follow and try and achieve.

I am not perfect and no angel never was as a player but i respected my team mates, coaches , management, and most of all when i pulled on that shirt i wore it with pride and honor for the supporters i was representing .

People are jumping on the bandwagon here people like Safee Sali saying its shameful it happened after the game hello ha its happened early hours of the morning of a big important match, i think Safee should get his facts correct first.

This is pure and simple a "breach of Curfew" forget girls this is plain and simple, everyone knows what happened but these boys are being protected.

I have many people contacting me the MB for example saying don't worry i am backing you discipline them, thats reassuring to know, the general public here in Terengganu are backing me and i have had so many people with football saying stick to ur principles and don't back down.

If i get brought down so be it but i won't take it lying down i am a fighter.

Drama di Kuala Terengganu juga menarik perhatian agensi berita antarabangsa Reuters.  

HD kata: No komen.


  1. Welcome to Malaysia, Mr Butler..trying to implement a simple discipline code would add on another 30 years of your age. Go around it's really happening here in Malaysia (bribery and such). Sad to say.

  2. Apa drama kat KT. Drama minggu ini lagi best kat persatuan hoki malaysia. lakonan oleh setiausaha agong kayu aka slumberjack hancurrrr mhl macam malap seperti lilin takada coverage langsung liga paling teruk pernah dianjurkan oleh phm tak ada oranag kat stadium penyampaian hadiah macam karton semua selamba macam slumberjack kesian tnb bagi banyak duit tapi tak dapat publisiti

  3. I agree with Butler on the discipline issue as there shouldn't be any primadonnas in the team. With regars to Sharbinee issue, I think to accuse him of taking bribed (or whateever) is too premature coz in the first place, Sharbinee is known to being a very clumsy keeper with poor judgement. I've been following his antics for years (since he is Rajagopal's favourite keeper). Look at what happened when Malaysia played Singapore in WC qualifying rounds? We lost in Singapore because of him. So it is not a matter of taking bribe, it is his incompetency!!!

    Pak Nik

  4. Buang SLUMBERJACK aje semua selesai

  5. Pak Nik,

    A simple fact if you have mates who play in Liga M, especially the lower end team.. you will understand what i'm trying to say here. Pretty much that i think he is being back up by somebody big in the syndicate? Think about it. Cuba anda tanya all the sports reporters around, some will reluctant to tell the truth but it is out there.

  6. Pemerhati

    Whilst I don't disagree with you on the existence of bribery in Malaysian football, I believe in Sharbinee"s case, the issue is more on Sharbinee being incompetence rather than being paid by "someone". Sharbinee, in EPL terms is like Almunia for Arsenal. Considerably good shot stopper but very poor in decision making and very low self confidence.

    Pak Nik

  7. HD pls save malaysian hockey write sometg coz slumberjack is sleeping on his work dielah hockey mhl worst ever in history no crowd at all is it a dying game

  8. sebenarnya sejak final Piala Msia thn lepas lagi SPRM dah serbu team tganu. ingat lagi kata2 coach irfan slps game, "hanya saya & pemain2 saya shj yg tahu apa yg berlaku sblum perlawanan." he..he..he..

    & aku amat setuju dgn butler dlm kes ni. psl apa pemain kuar cari panadol pkl 2,3am? team tganu xde pegawai perubatan ke? & xleh ke kuar cari panadol awal sikit? selagi CMJ pegang tganu, rasanya x pegi jauh la team tganu yg ada ramai local talent. rugi..


  9. Disiplin tak boleh kompromi, tapi kenapa PJB tak buat report pada Pengurusan pasukan.Ni buat statement kat media setelah pasukan dalam keadaan tertekan utk layak ke suku akhir....


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