A sports friendly budget?

After all, Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek is eager to leave his legacy through the Sports Industry campaign.

And what better way to stamp his mark by the government acknowledging his programme through a sports friendly budget.

The budget will be tabled by Prime Minister Najib Razak later this month.

Ahmad Shabery requested that tax reductions be introduced for sporting equipment and services as, based on Bernama's report, this would help ease the burned of the people who were becoming more conscious of the importance of sports, apart from turning it into an incentive for the private sector in
developing sports infrastructure. 

"Of late, parents are enlisting their children in sports classes and clinics such as golf, badminton and football. The cost can be exorbitant. 
"Maybe parents should get personal income tax relief on the expenditure spent."

The report added the ministry was also seeking income tax rebate to encourage the private sector to promote sports. 

It must be noted that not many were well aware of the RM300 tax rebate for sporting equipment while filing their taxes. Also, companies who organise and are involved in the sports industry must be handed a certain form of incentive - perhaps in tax relieves - and ensure the money earned is channeled to the grassroots.

HD says: Here's hoping for a sports friendly budget.


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