From silver medalist to 'kacang putih' seller

That was the headline of Astro Awani's digital media team.

Former para-athlete Thanga Rajoo Arumugam (pic) represented the nation in various wheelchair tennis competitions and even netted the silver medal, together with Zulkifli Mohd Ali, in the 2002 Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled (now known as the Asian Para-Games) held in Busan.

And here's what the 42-year-old Kedahan has got to say;

"I've been forgotten by my own country. If they powers-that-be really cared, they would do an analysis on my performance and achievements. I played for the country and I did well for 12 years but here I am selling kacang putih."

Read the exclusive story on Astro Awani's Facebook.

Pic by Astro Awani's Syafique Shuib

HD says: Here's hoping someone will finally recognise Thanga Rajoo's efforts.


  1. I
    t just goes to show the poor state of affairs of malaysian sports (able or disable, doesn't matter)

  2. Hi,

    Its a great story and thank u media in highlighting the poor state of some of our athletes.

    But is it fair cos all these while, the media never even highlighted wat was done towards the preparation of our paralympic team towards London. Their focus was towards the normal athletes, Chong Wei, Pandelela etc but go and count how many they mention Hasihin or Ziyad prior to the London 2012.

    And yet now they want to be champion, konon mau bela nasib oku paralimpik after the succes of one silver n one bronze.

    There wasnt any story on what was done to achieve that, wat was done within 4 years after beijing, wat was done for these athletes to win medals.

    So media, u talk about discrimanation, go fight with ur editors first to have more pages given to paralimpic stories rather than want to be champion konon mau bela nasib oku. Bull shit. U should clean up ur act first before trying to clean other houses.

    1. well said! NO live telecast of the London para games, hardly any coverage on the paralympians..


  3. can i know where to find mr.Zulkifli Mohd Ali?


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