"KLFA not pulling out yet"

KLFA general secretary Nokman Mustaffa confirmed the city side is not pulling out from the Premier League.

"Yes we still have money issues and yes a statement has been made but I believe it is out of frustration and we are all equally frustrated (with the lack of funds). 

But we still have time to scout for money and hopefully we will be able to find enough funds to play in the Premier League next season. Otherwise it would be the FAM league for us."

However, another senior official, who didn't want to be named for obvious reasons, had this to say;

"The president (Astaman Abd Aziz - pic) is frustrated. He needs the cash as he can't be forking out his own money anymore. It's like what you've (the author) been saying all this while, if Astaman continues to use his own money, might as well we call it Astaman FA!

"The (KL) mayor is supportive indeed but we believe there are some little Napoleons who would love to see Astaman out from the hot seat. They are ensuring KLFA don't get the money and even say Astaman is a millionaire and is able to fund the team.

"This is unfair to Astaman. Don't get me wrong, I'm not campaigning for Astaman but if we call ourselves professionals, then we should start acting like that and not be personal or emotional for the sake of the game...for the sake of KL football."

 I had a dream about this not too long ago about this as seen here - Another City dream.Also, KL has been suffering financial woes since last year as seen here, prompting the Save KLFA campaign initiated by the author as seen here.

HD says: Still got time...


  1. Are you an editor for the tv content only or include those content in the stadium astro website?

    I just wonder, (refering to article "Kelantan berdepan Arbil tanpa barisan terkuat"), is that the best Astro can offer?

    Apasal your wartawan tak semak prosedur FAM yang tak seragam dengan prosedur AFC sehinggakan nak daftar player baru pun tak boleh?

    Kirim salam kat Rajagopal. Dia boleh sound kat KAFA bila Shahrul Idlan Talaha report duty dengan keadaan kurang cergas. Sekarang, KAFA boleh sound kat FAM ke bila Shahrul Idlan dan Subra cedera?

    Last year, bukan kah pemain Selangor dikecualikan dari kem pasukan kebangsaan sebab ada game Piala Malaysia?


  2. For the record I am an editor for Astro AWANI's soon-to-be-launched website.

    1. Well, I hope your website can do much better. All the best.


    2. Website aside, we need the real news from you guys otherwise whats the use? We can get all the "news" from the mainstream press/media.


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