Transparency and profesionalism....

Berita Harian called it Sandiwara BAM.

The Star and NST spoke on the players instead.

SS Dhaliwal made some revelations on his blog as seen here.

Question - isn't it evident that nothing can be kept in the dark anymore and organisations need to be as transparent as possible? People tend to talk, more so when you ask them to keep it private and confidential.

Meanwhile, an NST report on football had this to say;

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) will review its earlier decision to expand the 16-team Malaysia Cup competition to 24 next year
Many fear the Malaysia Cup would lose its prestige by allowing lower ranked Premier League teams into the event.
Question - didn't the Malaysia Cup lose its prestige a long time ago no thanks to the lacking in standards and professionalism among participating teams? Heck, have we ever turned Pro?

Then again, aren't transparency and professionalism alien in our sporting scene?
HD says: Am I missing anything? Nah...same ol' same ol'.


  1. Nice one. Applicable to all institutions

  2. Sandiwara di MHC lagi dahsyat. Perlembagaan pun tak tahu. Setiausaha apa ini panggil agm tanpa kelulusan. TM presiden kena ambil tindakan.liga pun dalam keadaan kelam kabut dan huru hara.

  3. Like it or not, BAM is better managed association than FAM and/or KOAM. But I noticed that only BAM and KOAM being attacked by media (be it traditional or new media). Care to explain, Haresh?

    Pak Nik

  4. Like your title...professionalism...applies to journalists too?


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