Be a sport Mr PM

“It’s a matter of time where tax incentives and rebates be handed out to private companies and even parents who encourage their children to pick up sports through their enrolment in the various academies in the country.

“If it is not addressed this year, it will be in the next Budget."

Those were the words of Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek when contacted earlier today.

But there are those who believe we are paying too much for our equipment and facilities no thanks to high taxes - thus people tend to shy away from sports. 

Read what Ahmad Shabery and other industry players have got to say on Astro Awani's Facebook page as they hope for a sports friendly budget when Prime Minister Najib Razak tables the 2013 Budget in Parliament tomorrow. 

HD says: Hopefully, I'll be able to buy cheaper running shoes.


  1. Cheaper tiket bola prices? RM 15 nak tengok selangor punya games mahal lah!.

  2. what to expect when you're expecting...


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