SRAM no money or players being picky?

As some of our top wall bashers including Nicol David, Low Wee Wern and Ong Beng Hee participate in a flash mob at The Curve at 7pm as part of the campaign to get squash into the 2020 Olympics, some of them seem to be pretty disgruntled over certain matters in the scene.

There are claims that the Squash Racquet Association of Malaysia (SRAM) do not have enough funds in their coffers despite the funding from the National Sports Council (NSC) and financial giants CIMB.

Thus the "national body are not able to pay coaches". But there are those who say there aren't many local coaches to begin with and former players tend to request for "big" salaries.

There is also a debate over Wee Wern's recent statement in the newspapers as seen here.

She was quoted saying;

“The funding is quite limited at the moment and it’s tough at times to compete in more tournaments around the world.

“I also want to ask for more funds for Aaron (Soyza) so he can travel with me for certain tournaments, especially those where I have a favourable draw and might require his presence."

Some believe Wee Wern and her counterparts deserve all the support they can get to win honours for the country. After all Wee Wern has broken into the top 10 of the world rankings.

But shouldn't professional players fund their own trainings instead of relying on tax-payers' money? Most 'professional' players already have endorsements and sponsorships but still request money from the government.

Critics wonder if these players will actually return their earnings to the government when they win tournaments.

Then again, isn't Nicol still receiving funding from NSC?

There are others who claim that national athletes, generally, are quick to ask money from the government but are hardly around during government programmes and campaigns. Is that so?

SRAM, through its general manager Christopher Bordie, had this to say;

"SRAM has enough (of money). Money from CIMB goes to development. Coaches especially those with the national set up are under NSC's payroll. Some states have taken the initiative to secure their own coaches which is good," he said.

"It is not our practice to rebut statements made unless we are asked about it," he added.

Will this be a never ending debate?

HD says: It'll be fun to see Beng Hee trying to dance tonight. Hehe.


  1. "As some of our top wall bashers including Nicol David, Low Wee Wern and Ong Beng Hee participate in a flash mob at The Curve at 7pm as part of the campaign to get squash into the 2020 Olympics"

    I congratulate Dato Nicol etc for their efforts in the campaign to get squash in 2020 Olympics. These local campiagns are just "shok sendiri" as they have very very bearing on the election process. Anyway the decision lies in the hands of the "elitist club" of IOC members, and Malaysia presently has only one member. They are featured in the medal presentation ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics, and to many of them squash is not their cup of tea (or glass of wine/whisky)

  2. Our athletes are professionals only in name. But want funds from everywhere. Look at the Europeans they look for their sponsors and always ready for promotional programmes.

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