'Awek mana ntah'

UPDATE (9.34pm): I was informed that FAM had reached out to the person from Challo FC and apologised. 


This was tweeted today. I don't know the people behind Challo Football Club but I would like to give the individual who tweeted the above the benefit of the doubt.

I truly hope the FA of Malaysia (FAM) will look into this matter seriously. 

Brands and companies must realise that their receptionists and call centre agents play a vital role in shaping their image. One mistake, and the brand suffers - especially in this social media era.

This is where brands will also realise the importance of having a tracking system that records all calls and conversations so that it will not become a "he says, she says" fiasco. 

I'm sure FAM will take note of this and not join the Malaysian Hockey Confederation in its bubble of "argh, no need to engage lah".

It's just basic courtesy and respect.

Separately, this 2020 article by The Guardian revealed two-thirds of women working in football experienced sexism. The report said only 12 per cent of incidents were reported

P/s: Speaking about Challo, you should check out their jerseys. Pretty neat, yo.


  1. Benda mcm nie pun nk jadi issue.pelik btl


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