`Orang bola' wajar jadi presiden MFL - ermm, nope

Bekas Timbalan Presiden FAM, Datuk Seri Ridzuan Sheikh Ahmad berpandangan sebaliknya apabila melihat kerusi penting itu wajar diisi oleh 'orang bola' dengan satu daripada timbalan presiden FAM ketika ini sepatutnya menerajui organisasi itu.

"Saya berpandangan eloklah jawatan Presiden MFL itu dipegang oleh satu daripada timbalan presiden sedia ada khususnya timbalan presiden yang senior. 'Kepala' mestilah dari FAM kerana badan induk itu pun memang berkait rapat dengan MFL.

"Kepala' yang baru itu nanti bolehlah kalau mahu memilih mana-mana individu yang difikirkan boleh menyumbang untuk membantu, tiada masalah untuk ambil orang luar menyertai mereka dalam kabinet MFL selepas itu."

This was part of an article that was published in Berita Harian today.

My initial reaction to the statement - Nope!

In an ideal world, a professional would be best suited to run Malaysia Football League (MFL). This is because a professional, with experience in finance and/or legal and/or commercialisation, will help to "sell" the league better.

There's so much to sell - broadcasting rights, footage for commercials / brands, images secured during matches, content related to the league, football-related events, back to school initiatives and the list goes on.

But as I sat back, drank my coffee and gave Ridzuan's comments much thought, I soon realised he 'could' be right.

You see, football in Malaysia isn't as straight forward as you want it to be. There are people to kowtow to, "hidden hands" and it's always about fueling someone's ego. There's also always a politician or two (I'm being extremely polite with the numbers) in the equation.

As such, a person who is part of FAM (ie. part of the system) would be better suited to manage the domestic league instead of an individual fresh from the street. 

Reason: The poor newcomer will be slaughtered alive and may eventually quit within months.

All the best to the man / woman who will run MFL!


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