I got a 'vision' that Visi Sukan Negara will not be launched next month ...

KBS dalam rangka mempersiapkan satu 'blueprint' VSN 2030 yang bakal diperkenalkan pada hujung suku pertama tahun ini.

This was published in Harian Metro on Feb 10, 2021.

So I got this vision that the Visi Sukan Negara will not be launched within the first quarter of the year (which is basically next month). 

Instead, those working on it realise that they need to consult more stakeholders and as such there will be a start of a series of discussions regarding the 10-year blueprint.

Perhaps the work that was carried out over the past two-odd months or so, was insufficient - despite engagement sessions with stakeholders behind closed doors - and the presentation was "unattractive".

Or perhaps one could view it as the Youth and Sports Ministry wanting to ensure it covers all grounds and to get this right - even if it means postponing the launch date. 

And in my vision, I was informed that an individual within Wisma KBS was transferred to another department because of this Visi Sukan Negara episode.

Sometimes visions can be extremely real. But, it's just a vision and I could be wrong ...


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