World Athletics celebrates Olympian turned photographer, Gladys Chai. Does MAF still remember her?

Gladys Chai Ng Mei represented Malaysia in the 1972 Olympics and 1974 Commonwealth Games.

In 1970 she was named the national sportswoman of the year.

The high jumper won five SEA Games gold medal.

Today, she is known as Gladys Chai von der Laage. She is based in Germany is a sports photographer.

“Sport has given me the chance to travel and see the world, to meet new people and athletes from every corner of this planet, and I am very pleased to share their beautiful and emotional moments in pictures. I am so thankful. For me, sports photography was a way to stay in touch with my passion," Gladys said, as quoted by World Athletics.

Yes, World Athletics had recently paid tribute to Gladys. I suggest you read the article.

I wonder if the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) or any other Malaysian sports entity remembers her.


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