Some people may not be able to stomach Podium Programme Enhancement Task Force report

This was published on Twentytwo13 earlier today:

Is it because:

  • of the hard-hitting 23 executive summaries highlighting severe leadership and management woes which certain quarters cannot stomach?
  • the task force recommended the realignment of staff from government agencies?
  • the task force suggested that a forensic audit be conducted on the Podium Programme audit report?

I wonder if anyone has gone through the report, page by page. Baca lah. Dah enam bulan, sure berhabuk by now.

Some names were mentioned in the report too. I also wonder who from the government agencies should be "realigned".

Just make the report public la. Let it be an education process. 

What the committee said is based on their series of interviews - kalau betul, just tambah baik and, if required, remove certain people some their positions. Kalau tak betul,  just explain to the committee why it was had erred. 

Kan senang? 


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