Kenapa tak cakap?

"Perkara ini berlaku walaupun JDT membuat kesalahan, kita menghantar (surat tunjuk sebab) dan menunggu jawapan. JDT pun pernah didenda juga tetapi kita tak cakap." - Malaysian Football League CEO Datuk Ab Ghani Hassan

This appeared in Berita Harian

Communication is important. There is a constant need to engage and educate the stakeholders (fans included) regarding the role and functions of the MFL.

As such, it is important that if a club has been penalised, then you should "cakap" (say). 

Why do you need to "cakap?" - to eliminate any form of presumption (of biasness) that may arise.

In today's world, silence is no longer golden. 

During my talks, I always remind brands and decision makers to be mindful with what is happening and not to ignore questions - no matter how small they may seem to be.

Let's start communicating. 



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