Don't rush kids to play matches

I had a quick chat with Youth Football Academy Red Star technical director N. Rada Krishnan recently and we spoke about children and football.

During our conversation, he informed me that right after the Movement Control Order was relaxed earlier this month, he received phone calls from other teams wanting to play friendly matches with his trainees.

Rada replied:

“I’ve told my coaches that our trainees will not commit to any friendly matches or tournaments for the next two months. We’ve just been letting our young footballers kick the ball around and have not been going hard on the drills because they have not been playing competitively over the past year.”

Read the full article on Twentytwo13 today.

I'm glad we have thinking coaches like Rada who believes that children must have fun and not be pushed into playing competitively especially after a year of non-competitive football.

And I hope more coaches will have this in mind. They must be reminded that they are dealing with children, not professional athletes.


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