M-League attracts Cambodian club

The Young Lions will feature in the M-League next year.

Now another foreign team could be part of the action as Cambodia club Preah Khan Reach FC have stated their interest to play in Malaysia.

An announcement will only be made after officials from the FA of Malaysia and the Cambodian club during the AFF Council meeting in Laos on Saturday.

Read Harian Metro's Kemboja minat Piala FA 2012 and Borneo Post's Cambodian Club to play in M-league next season.

PKR FC (no affiliation to Parti Keadilan Rakyat) were placed third in the league as hitman Phany Irath (pic) scored 10 goals throughout the season.

HD says: One thing for sure there will be plenty of Cambodians at the stands - reminding one of the days when Indonesians Bambang Pamungkas and Elie Aiboy played for Selangor.


  1. maybe we can put em in the Super League, if KL decided not to take part. We should compromise regarding this matter. Just like what Slovakia did to us.

    No nation wants to be left behind. Especially the third-world countries.

  2. why the club from cambodia? is it a business agreement? we all know some on in fam has some business dealing in cambodia.


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