Two hauled up for doping

Two UniKL players failed anti-doping tests as the Malaysian Hockey Federation will now decide on the next course of action.

Read S.Ramaguru's full report as published in The Star here.

All three players tested positive for the use of recreation drugs. The two players tested positive in the present case also used similar drugs. It is learnt that no hockey player has been caught for performance- enhancing drugs.

Word on the street is that some of the younger athletes are hooked on recreational drugs. They just would like to goyang, goyang kepala especially on the weekends.

Perhaps the National Sports Institute could select a larger pool of athletes during its random anti-doping tests and if proven, these athletes should be handed with heavy suspensions. Then let's see if their kepala will goyang.

However, SS Dhaliwal believes it was a " it was a targeted test". Read MHF leaks here.

HD says: Sigh!


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