Malaysian Hockey Charade?

Several state hockey associations were "unhappy" about the new Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) constitution.

Some questioned the need of appointing a bus load of office bearers, the number of voting rights per state and the appointments of key positions.

So I expected these state HAs to actually voice their opinions during the extra-ordinary general (EGM) meeting yesterday.

Q: So MHC meeting how?

A: Only 1 person bangkang, the rest kept quiet.

Q: So 12 VPs? Boleh join liga next year la.

A: I guess so, sigh.

Perhaps I was wrong. None of the state HAs were "unhappy". Judging by what transpired at the MHC EGM, it is safe to say all the state HAs LOVE the new constitution. I suppose the new constitution is "FLAWLESS".

Perhaps too many cooks will not spoil the chutney after all!

SS Dhaliwal called it The Con Job even before the meeting started while Jugjet Singh's A new beginning spoke about the highlights of the meeting.

HD says: Well done state HAs. Well done!


  1. at a time when courage was needed they all walked away in unison.. I wonder if I look at certain people in the eye, can they justify their actions

  2. what courage?? it's leading to international standards... what else do we need.. gosh... god bless you under knowledged people out there..


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