Pilih bulu

The Education Ministry (MoE) issued a statement pertaining the bashing of a Form Two school boy by several fifth formers.

The statement by sports division director Ee Hong read:

Dear Haresh,

Thank you for your concern. We are aware of this case. As the matter has been reported to the police we are leaving it to the police for further investigation. The school has taken action according to procedures instituted.

The boy, son of a Malaysian Hockey Federation officer, suffered bruises on his face and lost four of his front teeth. He was whacked pretty bad. It's a police matter now, as reported in today's Mailsport.

Deputy Education Minister Dr Wee Ka Siong replied my SMS saying he was flying off to London from Switzerland and will only be back on Sunday.

Some officials are on the ball. They can be in Timbuktu and are still able to answer our queries through the phone, SMS or even email.

Deputy health minister Rosnah Rashid Shirlin was at the Asean Inter Parliamentary Assembly in Cambodia last month but was still able to furnish details about the nation's new health care transformation plan.

National Sports Institute CEO Dr Ramlan Aziz too is always ever willing to share his thoughts or put the record straight even if he is in Kuching or London.

Even Cheras police chief ACP Mohan Singh Tara Singh took time off from his busy schedule to explain the status of the case.

But you also have some officials who will only speak to their favourite "Media organisation". These officials will even wait for them despite running late for another appointment.

I know this happens a lot for general news related press conferences but for sports? Hmm...

HD says: Pilih bulu la tu, kan =)


  1. pilih bulu aka pilih kroni...Malaysia???...amalan biase bro..


  2. Reporters also pilih bulu .......when friends screw up ....write up neglible.

  3. You pun pilih bulu. Story kecil atau orang kecil, tak mau layan dah.

  4. hahahah takut publish komen yang u tak suka..kawan lagi dengan satwan

  5. last one familiar.... for the record NSC waited for Astro Arena to come before giving a press statement on Khoo Beng Khai's death... bravo!

  6. Anon Oct 23 1.10AM:

    Gua tak pilih bulu bila publish komen, termasuk komen-komen yg kutuk gua.

    Yg gua tak approve ialah personal attack terhadap org lain. So kalau ada org tinggalkan komen menyatakan lu dah berkahwin tapi masih beromen dgn kambing kat luar, gua tak approve. pasal personal mah =)

    terima kasih dan majulah sukan utk negara.

    p/s: Nama saya Haresh Deol. Nama anda?

  7. It's because the public does not trust the impartiality of the press; they resort to passing comments as 'Anonymous'. But your example of 'beromen dengan kambing diluar' reflects on your line of thought......

  8. And good morning to you another Anon 8.02am.

  9. nasib gua tak kawin lagi..kalau tak sure lu tulis gua romen kambing kat luar...kambing pun sodap


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