I was a guest on Bola@Mamak (Astro channel 811) earlier.

The others involved in the show were BFM's Ross Yusof, Anand - or better known as the Orangeman - of HooHa!, concert organiser Leonard Chua who is also a loyal Tottenhan Hotspur fan since 1979 and host Adrian Jalaludin. (pic right)

It is supposed to be more of an EPL programme but the producer Nicholas John was bold enough to incorporate a handful of topics surrounding our national team.

Prior the show I was 'forced' to sign up with the Malaysian Tottenham Hotspur Fan Club. Spurs fans Syahizan Amir Abdul Wahab - a legal eagle - and Andrew Lim came armed with forms and I was left no choice but to part ways with RM100.

During the show we spoke about Australia-Malaysia clash, the dilemma faced by Olympic coach Ong Kim Swee and the lack of pitches in the country.

There was also a debate surrounding USA goalkeeper Hope Solo's (pic left) decision to strip for the camera.

Last but not least we had Prema Yin - sister of hockey internationals Keevan and Logan Raj - sing Madonna's Papa Don't Preach, with made-up lyrics hitting at Wayne Rooney's dad.

HD says: It was fun while it lasted. Cheers folks!


  1. I bet you've found your new crush bro. muscular one. hahaha. just messing around.

    what are the odds for you to be featured in the upcoming series of kafe sukan bro? its been awhile

  2. Good to see you on the telly.. thought you gonna sing along

  3. FF13, me being on Kafe Sukan is something you gotta ask Mr Rizal Hashim =)

    Darthvadai, tq and ironically I'm enjoying a Vadai with chutney in a nice Indian restaurant as I'm typing this. Lol


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