Hockey drama...part 2

UPDATE (5.00pm): Was The Star set up? Just received a statement saying,

As MHF Secretary, I would like to reiterate my and MHF position that I/we did not communicate nor provided any of the facts as stated in The STAR newspaper today -
At this stage of the matter, I would not or could not provide any statements because the athletes concerned had sought for the Sample B to be tested to reconfirm the results and in which could lead to prejudice to the matter.
Any statement released by MHF must be fair and not be bias or damaging towards the club concerned and players involved.
MHF will make the official announcement of the matter after fulfilling the procedures in accordance to the ADAMAS and MHF/FIH Anti Doping Regulations undertaken by teams and officials for the TNBMHL2011.
Should there be any official release/statement to the press, we will communicate via the Media Officer of the event as we have done for all the releases.
Maninderjit Singh
Malaysian Hockey Federation

Note: I strongly believe S.Ramaguru would not have written the report without any confirmation from any party. This is both baffling and shocking.


First we had the doping fiasco involving two UniKL players.

Now, there seems to be a fall out between the parties concerned with regards to the website

It is widely known members of the Press use the above mentioned website as a guide to the tournament. The website enjoys a good following.

However, we just received a statement from the author of the website which read;

Dear All,

Kindly note that the website will not be updated until the MHF comes up with proper explanation as stated on the website.

Thank you and our apology.

Satwant Singh Dhaliwal

There's also an announcement on the website as seen here.

HD says: Double sigh!


  1. ask ramaguru then... why run around the bush????????????????????


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