"Terbaik dari estate"

That was headline of Rizal Hashim's post today.

It was about K.Reuben tackling the referee during the Australia-Malaysia international friendly recently. Read more here.

Former international Shebby Singh also spoke about the incident in his column here.

If reading ain't your thing, just watch the incident here.

And just like Rizal, I rather not comment further.

HD says: Must be a 'painful' incident for all involved.


  1. kah...kah...kah...KING GOPAL's product bro...

    I dont know why, when and what in his mind when he picked Reuben to be in HM team...and left Shafiq, Amirul, Shakir, Ashaari aside...

    but ive read the romur saying that Shafiq and Amirul were left due to help Selangor for Impian 33. So that they are in the good shape for Piala Malasyia quater final. Betul ke???


  2. Shebby is talking too much...He should never write such an article calling reuben as an estate player...i hope reuben will bring shebby to court and fine him...
    Yeah...Safiq and Amirul were left behind to be fresh for the malaysia cup quarter final matches...maniam and rajagobal are frens kan..

    -reuben's UKM fren-

  3. Anon 5:09pm, no wonder la Selangor kalah...kah..kah..kah...



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