Stop horsing around

LATEST (Oct 27): We goofed, says Ahmad Shabery. Read more here.


Everyone is suppose to adhere what the National Sports Council (NSC) says.

But what happens when the NSC horses around with tax payers money?

In 2008, Rizal Hashim called it a Malay Mail scoop after it was revealed NSC spent RM22.4 million on professional services, celebrations and hospitality.

Then we had NSC purchasing two premier chalets in Port Dickson worth RM850,000.

Yesterday, the Auditor General Report 2010 revealed millions of Ringgit were spent on horses that could not perform and advertisement campaigns from money allocated for sports development.

Mailsport called it a National Horse Show.

The Olympic Council of Malaysia has demanded for transparency.

But don't two key OCM personnel supposedly sit within the NSC Board?

Don't they know what NSC spends on?

Shouldn't the NSC notify the Board of such spending?

Most importantly, is anyone bothered?

Note: National Sports Institute was tasked to prepare the athletes and horses for the World Endurance Championship in 2008. However, the grants from the Treasury then was channeled to NSC. The grants came in late resulting the rush to buy the horses which saw most of the horses not fit and did not comply with the requirements set by FEI. However, the need to use development funds for advertisements remains unclear.

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  1. Position over decision. No question asked as I am the boss. The ardent yes men willing sweep it under the carpet. PRESS keep pressing !!!!. Now I know why many development program are neglected as there is not money to swindle.Hats off for speaking up against the wrong doers!!The whole MSN needs a complete overhaul and puts back things back in order.

  2. Mana komen2 jurucakap MSN?

    Lidah sudah kelu? Jari sudah beku?


  3. senang cakap..tanay menteri azalina dulu baru cakap....

  4. sejak bila haresh jadi jurucakap ISN????smilling!!!! ada berani post ini komen ka bro derr

  5. Anon 5.05pm - Menteri suruh terjun lu org pun terjun lah?

    Anon 5.06pm - Bukan jurucakap ISN, hanya menulis balik apa yg terdapat dalam Laporan Ketua Audit Negara. Sayang sekali takde penjelasan mengenai duit Program Binaan Atlit yg digunakan utk iklan.

  6. Haresh. Cari makan ma. Kalau tak terjun kang menteri tolak masuk longkang sapa nak bagi makan anak bini. Lawan tetap lawan tapi kalau menteri arah bayar juga dia tanggungjawap la. Takan aku pulak..

  7. good report and please push further for action regardless involved former minister or for NSC DG (Now DG NSI. anyway congratulation for your brave coverage

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 — The National Sports Institute (NSI) paid RM3.94 million for 18 horses that were not qualified to race in the 2008 World Endurance Championship (WEC), the Auditor-General said in his report today.

    The report noted NSI had failed to get the Treasury’s approval before buying the horses, as required for direct negotiation purchases.

    It further noted NSI had failed to adhere to international rules set by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), the world governing body for equestrian competitions, which saw the 18 out of 23 horses bought in October 2007 being disqualified from the WEC 2008.

    “This was because the horses bought did not undergo adequate training seeing as the purchase was made two months before the championship,” said Auditor-General Tan Sri Ambrin Buang, adding the horses were also found to have suffered from poor health.

    just highlighting so called angle write up by other blogger (rizal) against report by You?? spot the different mate??

  9. Mcm2...nak juga komen. Bro gud job. Lepas ne semua kena jaga2 ikut peraturan

  10. well... nsc has been horsing arnd since Mazlan's time.. Zol's worse!


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