"It is pathetic."

Former international Lim Teong Kim, who has made a name for himself in Germany, took a swipe at the Victoria Institution field - said to be one of the best school fields in the country.

However, Teong Kim (pic) has not seen the other fields in the country.

Steve Darby, meanwhile, used to call our pitches "kampung fields, where cows graze on them".

But that isn't the only thing that riles up Teong Kim. I saw the frustration on Teong Kim's face at Tony Mariadass's office on Thursday. Sadly, I was forced to excuse myself early for another event.

Teong Kim is certainly "sick and tired of talking about Malaysian football", as observed by Mailsport reporter Vijhay Vick. Read more here.

One would not blame Teong Kim for being frustrated. He is out of the Malaysian system and is able to be honest. None of our coaches are able to voice their grouses for fear of being penalised.

In fact a handful of coaches voiced their concerns during the FA of Malaysia (FAM) "taklimat" at a hotel in Shah Alam recently only for the national body to be typically ultra-defensive over their regulations.

As such, it is best for every team to come out with a prepared statement from the coaches before and after the matches. It will only be nice and sweet things about the national body and nothing else.

Everyone goes back happy kan?

HD says: If you really want advise, listen. Otherwise don't pretend to seek for advice.


  1. Agreed 200% with you lar bro...why dont FAM take the -ve comments for them to improve? And nowadays, I can see that all coaches are not realy brave to throw out their opinion...

    Sume mau jaga PERIUK NASi bro..Sathianathan, wan Jamak, sume sudah kecut bro...all nice-nice comments, no more pedas-pedas...

    Azarudin, Hamidin, Te...., Su....GUD JOB UOLSS!!!


  2. agree with other bro, fam needs a change of leadership badly. tolonglah bro, minta depa tulis. kamisudah bosanlah

  3. Fine, FAM is pathetic but I'm tired of seeing selective accusations by so-called 'commenter' here in your blog Haresh. I can see the comments coming in each time when it involves certain teams or individuals only. The one that I usually notice is by commenter who always end up his comment with kemahkemim. Please do not be blinded by the team that you support or foe the fact you didn't like certain team (s) or individual (s). If you want to name names, please be fair, otherwise just comment in general, we are on the same side - want to see improvement in FAM regardless of who is the individuals behind them. There are various Jawatankuasas in FAM, each has 6-7 people, and every big decision will have to be voted and agreed by the whole Exco, which means no one man is powerful enough to make decision on his own. If you want to level accusation to individual such as Hamidin, then cases can be made also for others - for example Jawatankuasa Pertandingan the vice chairman to Hamidin is someone called Afandi Hamzah, Jawatankuasa Undang-Undang dan Peraturan the chair is Afandi himself and the vice is Takiyuddin Hasan, Malaysian Super League the chair is Annuar Musa and the vice is Afandi again. They are all from certain state, and why didn't their names been mentioned each time these guys want to whack FAM? Yerp...selective indeed...


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